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COVID-19 & the Current Status of our In-person Training

Firedancer is fully operational and open for in-person courses!

We spent the lockdown moving to a new training facility and coffee laboratory and ready to show it off and start in-person classes.


We also strengthened our food, health & safety policies & procedures to help further reduce risk. The policies and procedures for protecting your health are:

  • The training room has no ceiling; it opens to a 3000 SF roasting lab, with 25’ ceilings. The air is filtered with Merv 11 rated filters (1–3-micron particles or larger are removed).

  • We have reduced class sizes to 8 students or less, so social distancing is not a problem. Our training room is sizeable, and each student will be assigned their own workstation.

  • Students will only cup from their own cupping setups while socially distanced from others.

  • All students will have access to a hand-sanitizer and masks at every class.

  • Health information and first-aid points are identifiable.

  • We perform daily disinfection of work and any other human contact surfaces.

  • Firedancer has implemented a policy detailing proper handling of all spittoons, waste cups, and garbage throughout the day.

  • Firedancer will be presenting an awareness campaign during classes detailing health and safety precautions one should take daily in a coffee manufacturing & retail environment.


The team at  Firedancer are fully certified food, health, and employee safety experts. We integrate this experience into our training facility.   When in our location, each student is expected to adhere to our policies & procedures, but most importantly, students will see that we do what we say. These policies and practices are something we can offer to help you set up at your facility.

We look forward to seeing you at our training facility!

Mike Ebert & Renee Espinoza | Founders
Firedancer Coffee Consultants

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