COVID-19 & the Current Status of our In-person Training

At the moment, due to the State of Illinois Stay at Home orders, we are closed to in-person classes through the end of June. Our goal is to open back up in early July. Check back here for regular updates. 


We are currently offering Introduction to Coffee and all module Foundation courses online. In today’s world, these two courses do not have practical exams, only online written exams.  This will include being sent a printed student handbook and an activity kit related to that module. We also have our full suite of food safety courses that are always available online. 


In the coming weeks, we will be adding courses through the end of the year. We will be offering all the SCA Coffee Skills Courses (all levels) multiple times. Since we are in a time of unknown, don’t hesitate to sign up for a course in the future. 


We have the following options should a stay at home order be enacted again:

  • Take the theoretical portion of the course in a web-based class and come to us for the activities and practical exam, when possible.  As of now, the SCA is allowing you to take the online written exam when the web-based portion of the coursework is complete.

  • Move your registration to a class at a future date.


We take your health seriously at Firedancer and wanted to pass along some details on how we will manage your health concerns during our courses moving forward. As you may be aware, we taste a lot of coffee during our courses and have strengthed our food safety policies & procedures to help protect us all.


The policies and procedures for protecting your health are:

  • Class sizes of 10 students or less. This has always been our policy, so social distancing shall not be a problem. Our training room is sizeable and each student will have their own workstation.  However, we are still in a closed room, and interactivity between instructors and students is essential. Just something to keep in mind. 

  • We will use the modified cupping protocol during all courses. In certain courses where students must utilize the full protocol, students will only cup from their own cupping setups. (See the Modified SCA Cupping Protocol section on the COVID-19 page of the SCA website)

  • The availability of hand sanitizer and masks at every class.

  • Clearly identified health information and first-aid points.

  • Regular disinfection of work surfaces. 

  • Proper handling of all spittoons.

  • The presenting of an awareness campaign during classes detailing health and safety precautions one should take on a daily basis in a coffee manufacturing & retail environment. 


These new policies and procedures will take effect immediately anywhere we offer courses.  Please be aware that the new cupping protocol may change in time. The major coffee organizations (SCA, CQI, NCA, ACE, etc) are all taking a look at cupping protocols and are hard at work to create long term solutions. 


We will keep you all informed as this situation progresses. 


Mike Ebert & Renee Espinoza | Founders

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