Barista Skills Intermediate -ONLINE

Barista Skills Intermediate -ONLINE

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SPECIAL NOTE:  This online version is for the lecture only.  The course will be delivered via GoToTraining over the course of 3 days in 4-hour increments.  All activities and practical exam must be done on-site at our facility in Schaumburg IL


Barista Skills Intermediate

The Barista Skills Intermediate course builds on the concepts and skills introduced in the Foundation course. It is ideal for someone who has barista skills experience and wants to explore how to improve coffee quality and prepare for more complex job functions found in the barista profession. Through this interactive course, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the coffee itself, specifically the impact of a coffee’s variety, origins and processing methods on flavor; the parameters of coffee quantity, grind texture, water quality and shot time and their interaction when dialing in a brew recipe; drink construction and taste differences; workflow management and efficiency, sensory aspects of the espresso extraction; milk handling and techniques as well as latte art. In addition to coffee preparation, this course also covers key concepts regarding health and safety, customer service and basic business practices.

Course Information

  • Course Length: Minimum 16 hours including practical exams
  • Pre-requisites: Introduction to Coffee and Barista Foundation are recommended (but not mandatory) pre-requisite modules. All knowledge and skill from these modules will be assumed as being held and may be tested through the practical and/or written assessments.

Written Exam Information:

  • Total Number of Questions on Online Written Exam: 35 (worth one point each) Total Time Allowed for Online Written Exam: 37
  • Passing Score (Online Written Exam): 70%

Practical Exam Information:

  • Total Time Allowed for Practical Exam: 30 minutes Total Number of Sections on Practical Exam: 3
  • Passing Score (Practical Exam):  Section 1 = 12 points available
  • Section 2 = 10 points available
  • Section 3 = 78 points available

A candidate must achieve 85 points from the available 100 points in all three sections in order to pass.



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