Green Coffee Intermediate

Green Coffee Intermediate

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The Green Coffee Intermediate course is designed to build on the knowledge gained in the Green Coffee Foundation course and prepare the learner for more complex job functions found in the green coffee profession. Specifically, these include a deeper and balanced look at botany, agronomy, seasonality, processing, resting, shipment, storage, decaffeination, markets, certifications, transactions, and quality differentiation. Learners are also introduced to grading, defects and positive attributes as they relate to green coffee contracts.

Course Information

Course Length: 16 hours including practical exams

Prerequisites: None; Introduction to Coffee, Green Coffee Foundation and Sensory Foundation recommend

Written Exam Information:

  • Total Number of Questions on Online Written Exam: 45 (worth one point each) Total Time Allowed for Online Written Exam: 47 minutes
  • Passing Score (Online Written Exam): 70%

Practical Exam Information:

  • Total Time Allowed for Practical Exam: 105 minutes
  • Passing Score (Practical Exam): 70% = 47 points correct / 67 total exam points

Cost: $1000.00 Includes SCA certification fee, handouts, lunch and all class supplies