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Green Coffee Professional

Green Coffee Professional

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Green Professional

This course is designed to build on the knowledge gained in the Green Coffee Intermediate course and prepare the student for managerial job functions found in the green coffee profession. Integration of green coffee knowledge with that in other CSP modules including sensory and roasting are also expected. Specifically, students will be tested on their ability to: Identify key aspects of coffee botany, and farm management, understand in detail the different stages of specialty coffee processing across the full range of methodologies found in producing countries, demonstrate an ability to identify a range of cup defects found globally in coffee, demonstrate how to analyze samples of green and roasted coffee for quality and defects, understand how to construct and manage green coffee portfolios in terms of volumes, cost, and time with reference to the changing market price of coffee, understand criteria forming the cost of green coffee production and how to apply this to contract negotiation, demonstrate how to identify coffees based on quality and volume parameters to suit client needs, understanding how to assess suppliers for their ability to meet criteria outlined in third party accreditation systems.

Course Information

  • Course Length: 32 hours including practical & written exams
  • Prerequisites: Green Coffee Intermediate and Sensory Intermediate and Roasting Foundation recommended


  • Payment and Cancellation, if applicable:

    Once registration and tuition has been received for a course, we consider this to be a firm  commitment for attendance. Last-minute participant substitutions are difficult to arrange, although we understand emergency situations may arise that will affect attendance to programs offered by Firedancer.

     We have established the following policy in case of course cancelation:

    • If cancellation is made over 15 days before the program start date, 100% of the tuition, less a 10% cancellation fee, will be refunded, or 100% of the tuition is transferable to another program and/or date.
    • If cancellation is made within less than 15 days prior to the program date, the entire tuition is non-refundable, however, you may transfer to a future date.

    Firedancer reserves the right to cancel or reschedule events as necessary.  In such a case, this will occur two weeks before the start of the event.  Tuition may be refunded in full or transferred to a future seminar or course. In no event shall Firedancer Coffee Consultants be liable for any cancelation or change penalties assessed by an airline or hotel as a result of course date changes or cancellations.

  • Tuition & Certificate Fees:

    Effective November 1, 2023, Firedancer will no longer include the course enrollment fees associated with SCA classes.   While this saddens us, we found it very difficult to manage the processing of the class according to each individual's own timeline.  

    INCLUDED WITH TUITION: Student handbook, class activity materials, certificate of completion (Food Safety Coursework), and lunch (for classes longer than 6 hours).  

    NOT INCLUDED WITH TUITION:  Airfare, transportation, lodging, course enrollment fees, or other personal expenses.

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