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Q Arabica Grader Exam Retakes

Q Arabica Grader Exam Retakes

Q Grader Exam Retakes

This coursework is for those who have already taken the Q Grader Training, but need to retake some of the exams, you can sign up here. Please choose the number of exams you need to retake for the correct pricing. 


The exams included are:

  • Sensory Skills Exam (same as Q Arabica course).
  • Flavor Standards
  • Cupping Skills Exam – comprised of three (3) cupping sessions
  • Washed Mild
  • Africa or Asia
  • Naturals
  • Triangulation Skills Exam – three triangulation exams, which correlate to the cupping exams administered.
  • Olfactory Skills Exam – Parts A, B, C, D (same as Q Arabica course).
  • Matching Pairs Skills Exam (same as Q Arabica course).



  • Students may participate in the practice sessions. 
  • Please email us at an request the timing of the exams.
  • The cost for the 1st exam is $350.  For each subsequent exam, the cost is $150.


Instructor  - Sandra Loofbourow -

  • Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)

    Once tuition fees have been submitted, your next step is to visit CQI's website and complete your registration.

    August Course ID:  6615

  • About the Instructor:

    Sandra wants to make specialty coffee better. She is a certified Q Instructor through CQI, a seasoned green buyer, roaster, barista, and published author. Sandra was the founding Director of The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room, and is co-host of the bilingual podcast Cafetera Intelectual

  • Payment and Cancellation:

    Once registration and tuition have been received for a course, we consider this to be a firm commitment to attendance. Last-minute participant substitutions are difficult to arrange, although we understand emergency situations may arise that will affect attendance to programs offered by Firedancer.

    Course fees are non-refundable. If you need to cancel, course fees can be applied to a future course, or another person can take your place.  Students who choose to postpone will have 12 months to apply their funds to another course. Changes are not possible less than 14 days before the course begins.

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