Roasting Foundation

Roasting Foundation

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Roasting Foundations_ONLINE

The Roasting Foundation course gives the learner an understanding of the roasting process, including the physical changes that take place during the process, and how to control sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark. Learners will also gain an understanding of the basic structure of the roasting machine, and general maintenance and fire prevention.

Course Information

  • Course Length: Minimum 8 hours including exams
  • Prerequisites: None; Introduction to Coffee recommended

Written Exam Information:

  • Total Number of Questions on Online Written Exam: 20 (worth one point each) Total Time Allowed for Online Written Exam: 32 minutes
  • Passing Score (Online Written Exam): 60%

Practical Exam Information:

  • Total Time Allowed for Practical Exam: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score (Practical Exam): 60% = 18 points correct / 30 total exam points

Cost: $500.00 Includes SCA certification fee, handouts, lunch and all class supplies