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Specialty Coffee Association Certificate Fees

Specialty Coffee Association Certificate Fees

Enhance your coffee expertise with Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certification! Our certificate fees cover the administrative and material costs associated with earning your prestigious SCA certificate, ensuring your skills and knowledge are formally recognized in the coffee industry.


If you have previously taken a course with us and did not test for your certificate, you may do so now.  Please select the number of exams you need to take.


Fees are $100 per course.

  • Product Details:

    • Certification Type: Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)
    • Applicable Courses
      • Introduction to Coffee
      • Barista Skills - Foundation, Intermediate & Professional
      • Brewing - Foundation, Intermediate & Professional
      • Green Coffee - Foundation, Intermediate & Professional
      • Roasting - Foundation, Intermediate & Professional
      • Sensory Skills - Foundation, Intermediate & Professional
    • Fee Includes:
      • Administrative processing
      • Official SCA certificate
  • Why Get Certified?


    • Industry Recognition: Gain a competitive edge with a globally recognized certification.
    • Career Advancement: Enhance your resume and open doors to new professional opportunities.
    • Skill Validation: Demonstrate your commitment to excellence and mastery in the field of specialty coffee.
  • How It Works:

    • Enroll in an SCA Class: Choose from our selection of SCA-approved courses.
    • Complete the Course: Attend and complete the course requirements and the written and practical (Intermediate & Professional only) exams.
    • Submit Certificate Fee: Add this certificate fee to your cart and complete the purchase.
    • Receive Your Certificate: Upon course completion and passing exams, you receive your official SCA certificate.
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